Charming Handmade Blown Glass Beads

by - Saturday, June 02, 2012

Beaded jewelry has been around for many years. From minimalist to bold designs, the trend on beaded accessories just keep on growing. More and more jewelry designers are coming up with new ideas to produce beautiful unique beaded pieces to meet every consumer’s taste.  So far, they are doing a very good job as more and more people are starting to widen their beaded jewelry collection and yes… I am one of them.

I own a few beaded bracelets and I adore them all.  My very first is a gift from my dearest mom and is made of jade beads [my favorite, obviously], three are made of plastic which I have purchased myself in Manila during my one-month 2010 vacation in the Philippines, another one is a beaded bracelet of wood and the newest addition to my collection is the bracelet with Swarovski beads wrapped around it from my sister-in-law.  Oh!  I also have a couple of bracelets with glass bead accents which I have bought in Hong Kong a few years back.  I have a total of nine and I am really looking forward to bringing that number to a dozen.  This time, my wish list is to find three bracelets with blown glass beads.

If by chance you are starting to design your own jewelry, I suggest you check out these three mesmerizing handmade blown glass beads [] as inspiration for your jewelry project:

Wavy Green Oval Shaped Blown Glass Beads in Green
The color green plus the soft swirls and twirls are so pleasing to the eyes.  They are gorgeous!

Heart Shaped Blown Glass Beads in Pink
Simply irresistible, aren’t they?  Hearts in pink - you know you can’t say no to them!

Fantastic Round Blown Glass Beads in Blue, Green and Yellow Color Swirls
This bead somehow reminds me of the colorful clown tang aquarium fish.  Alluring!

How about you?  Do you collect beaded jewelry?  Which types of beads are your favorites?  Do you fancy blown glass beads?  So far, how many do you have in your collection?

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