Midsummer’s Eve 2012 And What’s In My Bag?

by - Saturday, June 23, 2012

The weather was splendid this afternoon.  The temperature was at between 25-27°C, more than enough to make me wear a pair of shorts outside for the very first time this year.  Because it’s midsummer’s eve, I spent some hours in a trailer park in Stenö right next to the beach with my Bebe and my lovely in-laws [boyfriend’s mom side].  We had a sumptuous lunch, a stroll on the beach, family chit-chats and luckily, met a good friend a few minutes before I head back home.

Definitely, a sunny day at the beach.

Lunch it is!  Round 1 --- Sausages, Swedish meatballs, cucumber cubes and sweet corn.  Ketchup plus cola to complete the set.  Went for another round of sausages and meatballs!

What’s in my bag?  I wasn’t up for swimming nor sunbathing.  I packed light --- Keys, iPhone, hand towel, Nivea lip balm with SPF30 [I so love this product!], Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream, a pair of jeans just in case it gets cold, a pair of sunglasses which I never used and of course, the handy digicam to snap some photos.

Tomorrow… I mean, in a few hours [it’s past two in the morning now… gee!] Bebe and I will be heading to another location to attend the Midsummer’s Day celebration [boyfriend’s dad side].  More food and more photos!

See you all later amazing people of this universe!

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