Oasis Watches–Just Another Wish List

by - Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time check: 02.53AM and before I go hug my pillow and crawl under my blankie, here is a collection of watches by Oasis that I have recently added to my wish list.  Each piece is unique and if possible, I want to have them all.  Greedy, huh?  Not always but with beautiful timepieces like these, yes… I can be insanely voracious. *wink*

From left to right, top to bottom:

1.] The Double Wrap Strap Bracelet in pale taupe and gold plated fob style watch.
2.] The Double Rope Strap Watch in tan leather and gold plated fob style watch.
3.] The Bracelet Watch in berry colored genuine leather strap and silver watch.
4.] The Plastic Sunray Watch in pink.
5.] The Oasis White Bracelet Watch with silver tone markings.

Drooling, are you?

If I can’t have all five, at least that Double Rope Strap Watch in tan leather will put a huge smile on my face… just saying!

If you were to pick only one, which one will you choose?

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