On Choosing The Right Insurance Plan - Stuck And Can’t Decide

by - Monday, June 18, 2012

While going through my bills for the month of June, I notice that I have overlooked most life insurance quotes and forms which have been dropped into our mailbox since months ago.  With the government social insurance I am paying for every month at the moment, I am not so sure if I am ready to jump into applying for an additional one.
With a lot of terms to choose from, I get all confused and baffled.  I need time to go through all the policies, digest everything and compare services before I can come up with a conclusion.  I definitely want to find the most convenient and affordable option there is.  With the help of Bebe, I’ll feel more comfortable in weighing the choices.  Should I go for a universal life insurance, a competitive life insurance [http://www.equote.com/], a general insurance or a term life insurance?  At the moment, I am stuck and can’t decide.

A note to myself: Whichever quote I select in the future, I hope I end up with the best.

How about you?  Which types of insurance policies do you have?  Has it been easy for you to make a decision or have you asked for someone to explain every major detail for you?

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