Commemorative Coins. Are You A Collector?

by - Friday, June 01, 2012

When Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria exchanged vows with Daniel Westling on 19 June 2010, Sweden Post released three different stamps in honor of the Royal Wedding while the Central Bank of Sweden issued two commemorative coins: 300 Swedish crown [SEK] silver coins and 4,000 SEK gold coins which were both sold at face value.  Interested parties could order these coins from AB Myntverket until 31 December 2010.  4,370 coins were sold and unfortunately, I was not one of them.  Sigh.  I really should have purchased at least one silver coin.  Too  late for regrets, ‘eh?  [Photo credit: www.coin-database.com]
The lovely pair: Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel
Photo credit: Wikipedia.org
Are you a commemorative coin collector?  If you are, you can buy gold coins at Golden Eagle.  They also sell silver coins and this Silver Chinese Panda coin in silver priced at $47.31 is something I find really adorable.  Who knows?  I might just get myself the panda coin one day and start my commemorative coin collection.  That sounds brilliant!
How about you?  Do you collect coins?  When you visit another country, do you bring home with you some new currency coins with you?  [I do!  I do!]  Aside from collecting currency coins of different countries, do you also have a collection of commemorative coins?

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