Wishful Thinking: A Holiday Trip to Texas

by - Monday, June 11, 2012

Time check:  twenty minutes to ten.  In two hours, I will be meeting a couple of friends for lunch and I’m quite excited about it but before hitting the shower, protocol first --- fix myself a cup of hot cappuccino, check my e-mail, blogs and Facebook inbox just to make sure I am not missing something important.  A number of mails from blog advertisers [always a good sign to start the week], a few comments on my blogs that are awaiting moderation and FB PMs from my friends are my morning greetings so far for today.  It smells like I am going to have a busy week after all.

So while on FB, a friend who’s in the US for a short stay has posted cool photos of their beach getaway.  I wonder if they are also going to check out Lake Travis located in Texas and rent one of the condos in downtown Austin [http://theaustonian.com/gallery] before they finally fly back home to Sweden.  I’ve seen a photo of the lake on Wikipedia and it sure looks like a good lake beach to me!

Photo credit: Wikipedia.org
A vacation in Texas sounds perfect after the cold dark long Swedish winter months, don’t you think?  I’ve always dreamed of spending at least a week in Texas with Bebe and meet some friends who now reside in the area.  Booking a flight is easy and hopefully, we’ll be able to get a nice deal.  Where to stay?  That’s not an issue at all.  With lots of hotels or downtown Austin condos for rent, we’re definite that we can find a relaxing accommodation plus a well planned holiday itinerary to complete the package.

Now, I’m pondering --- when will our trip to Texas happen?  Soon, I hope!

Okay.  Time to get that warm shower, dress up and meet my friends downtown.  Oh, and have I mentioned that we’ll be having lunch in a Thai restaurant that is awesomely situated right next to a lake?  What a beautiful Monday!

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