Decorative Pillows by Sferra: Classic And Sweet!

by - Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Are you obsessed with decorative pillows?  A number of my closest friends have quite a collection of them and can’t seem to stop themselves from grabbing new ones whenever their eyes get a glimpse of those with exquisite details.  I am not really very crazy over throw pillows but I sure want to one day buy a dozen [oh yeah – that many!] of accent pillows to fill our sofa.  The rule is simple.  Same design in three or more different shades.
Selina Decorative Pillows [as shown on the photo above, from the fine collection of Sferra linens] – Beyond any doubt, this set looks so drop-dead gorgeous, irresistible and sweet.  I so adore the bold and dauntless petals stitched together to form a lovely bed of flowers.  Each piece costs $130.  Expensive but if I have all the money in the world, I would purchase a dozen in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?  [Available colors: coral, blue, ivory and tan].
The set above, Charlotte accent pillows, which is also by Sferra comes in four shades just like Selina – blue, tan, ivory and coral and is sold for $110 a piece.  The knitted cover adds so much wow factor.  The design is simple yet charming.  Such a classic, isn’t it?  I would want a dozen of this, too!

Two very attractive decorative pillow designs.  FYI: If you happen to have any of these two, feel free to throw me a piece [or more] at me and I’ll catch it with a massive smile in my heart!

How about you?  Do you collect throw pillows?  If you do, where do you buy them?  Do you keep them all on your sofa or are do you have all over the place?

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