Dresses by Maurices – I Gotta Have One.

by - Saturday, July 28, 2012

Since I do not have all the time in the world to visit every boutique downtown to look for gorgeous summer dresses [long working hours or well… I believe I am just really lazy], I go internet window shopping instead.  Today is my first time to stumble upon Maurices.com [thank you dear Google for this!] filled with stunning fashion dresses under $50.  How stunning are they?  Ta-dah!

Yeah.  Quite irresistible, huh?

From left to right:
1.] The Colorblock Tank Dress for $39.00
2.] Belted Multi-Colored Stripe Dress for $34.00
3.] Belted Lace Floral Dress for $39.00
4.] Belted Multi Print Dress for $34.00
5.] Chiffon Ruffle Tube Dress for $34.00

If I am allowed to be greedy [*wink*], I definitely will add all these to my shopping cart.  But if I am to choose only one, then I’ll go for dress number five, the Chiffon Ruffle Tube Dress.  I love its color, the cut and the style.

So, I have already picked my favorite pieces but the question remains… do Maurices ship to Sweden?  Yayks!  That is one thing I haven’t looked into yet.  Fingers crossed… they do.  I gotta have at least one!

How about you?  Do you own any dress by Maurices?  I’ve heard that one can avail of coupons online.  If so, have you purchased any item from their store along with coupons?

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