Female Celebrities And Their Body Inks

by - Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whether you adore tattoos or detest the idea of having one, you have to accept the fact that it’s actually been around for ages.  People get inked for different reasons.  It is very common that each tattoo comes with a deep meaning behind it - might be religious, cultural, memorial, family or relationships.  Tattoos [http://www.tattooset.com/] are ways of expressing individuality, thoughts and feelings.  These days, more and more people include tattoos as a part of their fashion statement.  Some want it tiny and hidden while others opt for something really massive which they can proudly expose to the public.  Each piece comes in different shades, shapes, colors, designs and sizes.  The possibilities are simply limitless!

It’s obvious, not only men are into tattoos.  A lot of women are into it, too.  Female celebrities wear them the way they wear their expensive pieces of jewelry.  Here is a short list of my female celebrity tattoos:

Victoria Beckham --- the famous English fashion designer who wears a tattoo that runs down her neck.  Her ink is in Hebrew which is a poem called Song of Solomon 6:3.

 Megan Fox --- the fierce chic of the blockbuster movie Transformers [and of course, of many others] pondered on getting one of those portrait tattoos [http://www.tattooset.com/diana/set236-10-craziest-star-portrait-tattoos] then opted for the face of her idol and inspiration, Marilyn Monroe.  After sometime, Fox decided to get the ink removed.

Angelina Jolie --- the award winning actress and adventurous director got inked several times.  The piece that get my attention much is the one on her left shoulder which is written in Khmer script.  According to Jolie, the tattoo is a protection incantation for Maddox, Jolie and Pitt’s adopted Cambodian son.

P!nk --- the singer-songwriter, musician and actress behind the popular songs “Get the Party Started”, “So What”, “Stupid Girls”, “Just Like a Pill” and more has more than 20 tattoo works.  Oh.  She’s no “Bad Influence”.  She’s simply…
[Photo credits: glamourmagazine.co.uk]

Last but not the least, Kat Von D --- the celebrity tattoo artist, model and tv personality who also runs her own tattoo shop, LA Ink [also a reality tv program]!  With tattoos all over her body, I am unsure if she has a bird design inked on her but she sure has done loads of birds tattoos on her clients.  [Photo credit: twitter.com/thekatvond] 

Now you’re asking me… Am I into tattoos?  Not really but I have high respect for people who express themselves by getting well thought, dedicated and properly executed masterpieces.

How about you?  What is your stand on tattoos?  Like them or not?  Want one?  Have one?  Will get one or not?

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