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by - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Competition these days is tough.  In order to stand out from the rest, companies, huge or small, must come up with unique ideas to attract new customers and keep the old ones.  Innovation implementation [http://www.spigit.com/] is a creative way of connecting employees by allowing them to share their views, concepts and thoughts that might help the business grow.

The approach is actually not that complicated.  Take for example online shopping.  Jumping from one online boutique to another, I always hunt for great deals, rewards, interesting promos and fantastic bargains.  Aside from these, excellent customer service, prompt delivery and regular e-mail updates are very significant details to keep my unwavering loyalty in tact.  For companies to keep customers like me satisfied and happy, they need to always bring out fresh engaging campaigns to promote their products and services.  Where else will these cool ideas come from?  The employees, of course!

With a correctly driven innovation management tool, the company gives its people from different departments the freedom to voice out new ideas to improve productivity.  No matter how massive the company is, from the most basic to the craziest proposals, employees somehow get the opportunity to network their opinions, theories and points of view.  All these and more are gathered, discussed, weighed on what are important or not and then being decided on.
How about you?  Do you enjoy shopping over the internet?  Have the people behind good and bad product ideas crossed your mind?  Perhaps you work in a huge organization and if you do, how to you collect viewpoints and brainstorm?  Does your company practice the innovation implementation system?

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