Summer Sale Updates. Local Marketing At Its Best!

by - Thursday, July 12, 2012

This year, summer has been kind of weird.  It’s already the second week of July and yet the weather isn’t that summery at all.  It rains… a lot day in and day out.  Well, despite the not so happy weather, local marketing experts [http://www.orangesoda.com/blend/], as always, manage to turn my partially dark days into brighter ones. Summer’s not half way there yet and I am already receiving e-mail updates regarding summer fashion items on sale!  That’s e-mail marketing at its best!  With clothes, shoes and accessories of up to 70% off their original price tags, I can’t be happier!
So far, I have only managed to take a tour on different online boutiques with huge summer sale or outlet pages.  My wish list just grows and grows!  To be honest, with all these enchanting red tags, it’s so tempting to shop until I drop!

On my wish list, the shoe section is the longest followed by dresses, shorts then bags.  It’s also timely to get new sets of make up as I am soon running out of loose powder and mascara.  With pretty deals out there, comparing prices, going through product ratings and reading user reviews are quite stressful but fun!  I sure want to get more excellent products for less, don’t you?

How about you?  How have internet marketers helped you find the products and services you desire?  Do you regularly receive e-mail updates regarding the newest deals and bargains?

*This is a sponsored post for OrangeSoda, however, all the points and views are my own.

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