That Chic Rock and Roll Look

by - Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jewel, Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, Sheryl Crow and Eleni Mandell --- just to name a few really cool female singers who usually play music with their string friends.  I can sing [a little] but can’t play the guitar.  But if I could, I would want to get on stage and sing my heart out while strumming, let’s say, a Gibson sg special bass.  Oh wow.  That sounds great!

If dreams as strange as this one will ever come true, I will definitely have my own kinda rock and roll style.  Nothing over the top.  A very girlish style I guess would work best for me.  A green harvest dress from ModCloth, a lovely pair of peep toe wedges from Zappos.com, a three toned bracelet by DSquared2 and a bow necklace from Boticca.com to complete the chic rock look.

Collage credit: Polyvore.com
How about you?  Do you sing?  Do you play any string instrument?  Have you ever joined a band and performed on stage?  If not, will it be a dream come true for you to at least perform infront of a big audience at one point in your life?

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