A Chef’s Hand: Bloody Sexy, Isn't It?

by - Friday, August 17, 2012

Knives can either be a chef’s best friend or worst enemy.  I might only be in my early stage of being a chef but I already have had my shares of bad days with knives.  Shallow and deep cuts, blisters and the locking feeling after holding a knife for straight long hours.  Chopping, slicing and filleting --- do not sound that tedious but believe me, my hand and fingers say, “It’s pressure, baby!”

I love my job to bits which is why, it’s so good to know that one can now buy a cure for trigger finger [http://www.braceability.com/brand/active-innovations-active-ankle/trigger-finger-splints-trigger-finger-treatment] online to help avoid getting those irritating, painful blisters.

This Active Innovations Trigger Finger Splint seems like the answer to my prayers.  Because it is available in different sizes [XS to XL], if I am getting one for my finger, I’ll definitely order one for my thumb, too.  Price has gone down from $32.99 to $19.00.  Good news, huh?  I wonder if I can try it on my toes, too!  [Note: <--- this one’s NOT my hand.  The one below is.]

So to give you an idea on how rude my favorite knife at work can sometimes be, ta-dah!  Cut my little finger really deep.  It obviously needed to be stitched but because I only had five to ten minutes left before the kitchen would open, I decided to just wrap it with two band-aid strips then cover my hand with two layers of disposable gloves to stop it from bleeding and coming in contact with food.  I had no time to rush myself to the nearest hospital’s ER to have the bloody problem fixed.  Unfortunately, after my shift ended and had changed the plaster three times, the blood still kept on oozing.  It was not a beautiful scene, I tell you.

A chef’s hand… bloody sexy, isn't it? *wink*
Well, if getting cuts every now and then is something that can’t be stopped, at least, being able to stay away from blisters will make a chef’s life more comfortable!

How about you?  How are knives treating your fingers and thumb?  Is getting cut nothing new to you or are you one of those who faint when they see blood flowing from their fingertips?

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