Avril Lavigne–Don’t Tell Me [Acoustic]

by - Thursday, August 09, 2012

While taking a break from blogging awhile ago, I decided to pick up my microphone, played my mini karaoke machine and started singing.  I went not-so-loud crazy with Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” --- an all time fave of mine since the day I learned that I could somehow sing.

Because Lavigne plays the guitar with so much sexy attitude, I always find myself wishing that I could strum the guitar, the Lavigne way.  Too bad that I can’t play any string instrument and to top it all, I do not even own any.  Unsure yet on whether to get a guitar or not, I am checking a number of music stores online such as Rico Reeds guitar center just in case they have guitars with on sale tags.

On the photo below: A classic acoustic guitar and an electric guitar --- Me?  I want both!
Going back to the talented Lavigne, I found this YouTube vid’ where she plays the guitar while singing “Don’t Tell Me”, which is of course, another pretty song.  Oh my.  She does make playing the instrument plus singing look really easy.  Wow!
How about you?  Do you play the guitar or any string instrument?  If you do, when did you start playing?  Who is your favorite guitar artist?

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