Bow-u-tiful Pairs of Earrings

by - Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bows are here.  Bows are there.  Bows are everywhere!  Yeah.  I am aware that I do sound a bit crazy but when it comes to fashion, bows in any shade or texture, for me,  are one of the best descriptions of beauty.

Just like you [yes, you *wink*], I do own quite a collection of fashion items with bow accents.  Shoes, dresses, tops and bags!  However, when it comes to jewelry, I am missing a lot of bows.  I have a pair of earrings with a bow on each and that’s simply it.  I believe it’s time for me to start getting a few more bowful earrings!

Anyway, the internet has given me loads of ideas on bow-u-tifully crafted earrings such as these pairs:

I know.  They’re truly gorgeous, aren’t they?  Wanna know them better?  Sit tight and relax while I introduce ‘em to you… ta-dah!

1.] Ingrid Stone and Pearl Bow Stud
    Get this pair at forevernew.com.au for $12.99
2.] Crystal Bow Post Earrings
    This pair is available at avaadorn.com for $12.00
3.] Gold Look Bow Earrings
    This pair is available at us.dorothyperkins.com for $6.00
4.] By Boe “Bronze Leather Reminder Bow Earrings” 14K Gold Filled
    Grab this pair at endless.com for $45.00 --- definitely, one of my favorites on this list!
5.] Kate Spade New York Green Bow-Shaped Stud Earrings
    Order this pair at lordandtaylor.com for $48.00
6.] Miso Bow & Pearl Stud Earrings
    This pair is available at republic.co.uk for £5.00
7.] Limited Edition Bow NO Earrings
    Get this limited edition pair at asos.com for only $10.22 --- I want this pair, too!
8.] Honeydew Drop Earrings
    Go grab a pair at simplysoles.com for $28.00
9.] Crystal Bow Drop Earrings
    Catch a pair from debenhams.com for £20.00

There you go.  My list of bow-u-tiful pairs of earrings.  Which is your favorite?

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