Converse Upgrade? Maybe!

by - Thursday, August 09, 2012

Up to date, I only own two pairs of Converse footwear.  Both were purchased on the same day at the same store [not online, this time!].  Since they are turning three a few months from today, there’s this feeling in my gut that tells me that it’s time to get hold of some more Converse items.  I still haven’t started making a thorough Converse wish list but I am getting there, promise!

Me and my white Converse with pink laces.  Love them to bits!

My pink Converse with white laces.  Getting old but they’re still fresh looking!

Okay.  Getting a new pair isn’t a state of emergency at the moment.  As you can see, although they’re turning three in a few months time, they still look gorgeous and clean.  However, I still feel like I want to get myself a new pair and upgrade from only Converse footwear to well… grabbing a watch and a bag at the same time [that’s if, fate allows me!].

On the photo:
1.] The Converse Duffel Marshmallow [ for £39.99]
Converse Women’s VR001630 Rookie Classic Analog and Neon Pink Silicone 2.] Strap Watch [found this at for $59.00]
3.] Converse Chuck Taylow All Star Loop Shoes [ for $49.99 – currently on sale from $55.00]

I really want the Converse Chuck Taylow All Star Loop Shoes!  If ever heavens will smile on me and put all these three with nice on sale tags, I’ll probably add them all into my e-shopping cart, wouldn’t you?

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