High Performance Working Shoes By Loop

by - Thursday, August 30, 2012

A month and a half ago, I wrote about my new pair of walking shoes by Reebok however, I forgot to create a post about my pair of working shoes which was purchased that same day with the Reebok shoes.  I honestly thought that I already talked about it on my Foodie blog.  I realized, I didn’t.

Although not always applicable, I therefore conclude that tonight, it’s better late than never.  *wink*  So without further ado, below are photos of my working/kitchen shoes by Loop:

It took me two weeks to decide if I really would go for it.  The pair was expensive, was way beyond my budget.  It was my boyfriend who talked me through it.  “You work hard and deserve a good pair,” he said.

These pair of working shoes by Loop is built for high performance, hugs my feet perfectly and has enough room for my toes.  It’s water resistant yet breathable.  It has comfy cushions which are removable and washable.  It has sure grip soles which is a must when working in the kitchen.

I have been using my Loop working shoes since June, have used it a lot and still, they’re looking good.  They haven’t given up on me yet.  Hopefully, they’ll not fall apart within the next years.

Before I forget.  I am so contented [obviously] and Bebe’s happy that I did get what I really really wanted.  On the other hand, someone’s irritated for my purchase… Bisse, our cat.  He thinks that the box is too small for him. 

Bisse with the look saying, "You got yourself a pair of working shoes, 'eh? Next time, get a bigger box, will you? What were you thinking?"

Later friends!  Have a great Thursday!  Hugs from me to you!

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