How’s Your Summer Shopping So Far?

by - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

After the dark rainy weeks, the sun finally shone today.  Without thinking twice, I headed downtown after lunch and visited two of my favorites shops.  The original plan was to take a long walk, catch some sunshine and then go window shopping.  Unfortunately, the window shopping part did not happen as planned.  Surprise.  Surprise!

The first boutique I dropped in was filled with gorgeous items, mostly with 50% to 70% off tags attached.  My heart melted and was determined to not leave without bringing home at least one piece.  Come on!  You can’t blame me, can you?

Anyway, I got caught in the middle of two very different pairs of pants by Lee.  One with a faded boot cut style while the other’s a straight leg cut with this lovely dark blue shade.  After minutes of confusion, I ended up paying for the darker option.

Oh.  I haven’t taken a photo of it yet but I’ll do that probably tomorrow.  My newest pair of Lee jeans somehow looks like this:
Yeah, I know.  Pretty, isn’t she?

I checked the nearby shoe store before doing a little grocery shopping for dinner and guess what… the store was having this massive sale going on, too!  I went in, tried a few pairs and wow… I was so tempted to get three pairs but decided to hop over shoe shopping.  Just this once, I was able to say no to my hardcore shopping habit.  I was protecting my finances as I had no idea yet on how much the bills would be for this month.  I didn’t want to end up finding myself buried deep in the mud, if you know what I mean. 

How about you?  How’s your summer shopping so far?  I hope that it’s not hurting your wallet so much.  It might sound absurd but I know a few people who are in debt and have even filed for bankruptcy due to their shopping addiction.  I have learned from their mistakes and as much as possible, I want to avoid going through those pre discharge debtor education [] and other necessary procedures to get out of a painful mess.  So always… always be careful when spending.  It’s okay to enjoy and have fun but make sure that you’re not going way over your budget.

Ciao for now.  Will be back later to post some Lee jeans photos.  Hugs!

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