I Sing - When The World’s Not Listening.

by - Saturday, August 11, 2012

… Sad but true.  I enjoy singing a lot but fact is, the entire idea of it is against me.  I do not have a golden voice but that won’t stop me from picking up the microphone and sing my heart out.  Unfortunately, because I lack tons of self confidence, I only turn on my mini karaoke machine at home when the world’s not listening.  Oh!  I don’t just sing.  I go crazy, too!  I dance to the tune and snap my fingers!  Why not go over the top?  After all, it’s just me!

The karaoke set [the good old mic and my songbook] my Bebe bought me back in July of 2009… waiting for a chip upgrade - coming soon!
I come from the Philippines where singing is literally for everyone.  Where karaoke is not just a pastime but is a way of life of every Filipino.  Where singing has no age limit, no economic bracket.  Where karaoke bars are stationed in almost every corner of the country.  Where there is only one rule --- ENJOY the night away!  If you are a Filipino, then you are probably looking forward to spending a karaoke night soon!
Here in Sweden, Swedes love to sing [many are really good at it] but karaoke is not that popular.  In fact, you rarely see homes with a home karaoke system.  Why?  I have no idea.

On the other end of the world, I have heard that in many parts of the U.S. [for example, Karaoke San Antonio], karaoke is very much welcome.  In some events [birthday parties, weddings, etc.], karaoke has become a much awaited fragment - reason enough why the Karaoke Service San Antonio [only to name one, http://www.texasdjs.net/Karaoke.html] business keeps growing.

Just wondering.  Is karaoke your kind of thing?  If yes, do you sing with friends, family or do you only sing when you are alone?  If you aren’t as self-conscious like me, then I so envy you.  No doubt, I would want to see myself singing along or in front of other people, experiencing hours and hours of karaoke fun.  But first, I got to get rid of the shyness living within me.  Tips, anyone?

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