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by - Saturday, August 11, 2012

When it comes to style, fashion and dressing in a trendy way, most men find themselves far away from it. They blame either the fashion industry or their responsibilities towards family for it. Blaming others will not help you enhancing your personality, it is in fact count you in men with no fashion sense. What you need to realize is that a little creativity, moderate expenditure and suggestions from experts.

Let’s discuss the essential qualities that make you a happening and smart guy…
Dress Your age
It is all about clad in a style that suits to your age. You cannot dress up like a teenage boy if you are a 30-year-old mature guy, no matter how toned your body is. You can become a matter of joke to all if you do such mistakes.

Give Comfort Your First Priority
You shouldn’t choose fashion over your comfort. Girls slip on uncomfortable shoes is not a new thing, but boys with uncomfortable shoes, shirts and underwear is something that sounds funny. Wear the clothes that you find comfortable. Its’ because the more you feel comfort the better you find yourself and feel yourself confident. So, it’s good to avoid blindly running after fashion, celeb fashion and brands. Try to develop your own sense of fashion that appreciates by your friends and family.

Find The Perfect Fit
Perfect fit means you need to choose the clothe that is neither too loose nor too tight. The right size will automatically enhance your personality. Start with choosing the right size underwear. Ask yourself what your main priority is when it comes to underwear. Active lifestyle needs support and for this you can choose briefs. Also, you need to choose clothes that fit to your body and allow you a comfortable walk. Remember, there are different clothes for different occasions. When you are on your way to office, you need official dress—primarily a cotton shirt, tie and comfortable trouser. Runway fashion is something funky, trendy and comfortable. There are no rules for runway fashion but you should set your own rules to find clothes that fit perfectly and enhance your personality.

Choose Right Colours
Choose the colour that makes you look fair and smart. If you are dark, you are free to go with light yellow, white and light pink shirts. Fair men can play with several colours like black, yellow, red, green and many colours.

Enhance Your Wardrobe
Like girls, boys should also take care of their wardrobe. They should organize their clothes and fashion accessories in a way that help them to choose a right style without consuming time. No doubt, you are a busy person, but organized wardrobe will help you to get the right style every time.

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