My Nike Flip Flops Went Out For A Walk

by - Saturday, August 25, 2012

The sun shone brightly this afternoon which was perfect for a quick stroll downtown.  As mentioned on one of my earlier posts, I was out with Bebe to look for new pairs of shoes but went home empty handed.  I did not regret a thing though.  We did some groceries instead which was great because the fridge is happy again.  We also had a chance to visit the funfair!

Anyway, because it’s sunny [although a bit cold at 15°C], I was determined to put on my pair of Nike flip flops!  For the first time, my Nike flip flops went out for a walk downtown!

Ta-dah!  My white footwear by Nike.  So light and cozy.  Love it to bits!  Oh!  I painted my toenails, too!  A very happy face, I wore! 

08 August 2011 - Lovely pair of Nike flip-flops. Did not leave this Nike Store without 'em :) . At The Galleria in Hatfield.  It took one whole year before I put the pair to use.  Shame on me *wink*.

Bebe and I, along with some of his family and friends will be heading to the fair tomorrow for some fun.  Hopefully, Bebe gets to win a huge chocolate for me and/or some stuffed toys.  My work starts at 9.30PM tomorrow so I have loads of hours to enjoy first before heading off to work.  It’s going to be an awesome day!

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