Time To Add Wedges To My Collection

by - Friday, August 24, 2012

I had the luxury of time to drop by my favorite shoe boutique downtown this afternoon.  While Bebe is spending a short while having coffee with his friends, I was inside the shoe store – trying a number of wedges.

After all these years, I remain the same.  I prefer ballerina flats over heels and wedges.  However, I am hoping that before summer 2012 ends, I’ll be able to add at least a pair of wedges to my shoe collection.  I only have two pairs of them and I have convinced myself that it’s about time to widen the wedge batch.

Wearing my favorite pair of wedges by Bronx which has been in my possession since 2009.  Taken in May of this year.  I love this dress, too!

Anyway, I went home empty handed as I could not figure out which pair to pay for.  I was torn between four lovely wedges.  Although I kept on telling myself that I was worth the pairs, I just could not pick up my wallet and pay.  Instead, after Bebe had his coffee break, we went to the supermarket and did some grocery shopping.

So, here I am.  Checking the internet for pretty wedges for ideas, looking for affordable pairs.  Hoping that enchanting shoes will show up with red tags on!

Yellow --- Straw the Light Wedge by ModCloth.  Price: $44.99
Orange --- Steve Madden Women’s Shoes [Magestee Wedge Sandals] by Macy’s.  Price: Presently Out of Stock
Blue --- Mastery Woven Wedges from Target.com.au.  Price: $40.00
Brown --- 2-Buckle Front Espadrille Wedge from Charlotterusse.com.  Price: $20.00

Definitely, all are gorgeous with price tags that aren’t wallet dryer.  If I am to only pick one, I’ll definitely go for the brown shoe.  I like the design and the shade plus, it’s just $20 per pair!  Hmmm… maybe.  Maybe!

How about you?  Do you have a collection of shoe wedges?  If you do, how many pairs do you own?  If not, are you thinking of starting your wedge collection anytime soon?

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