Wish List: Akribox Skeleton Automatic Watch And A Winder

by - Friday, August 31, 2012

Just like most shopaholics, I too have a collection of watches of different brands, colors and shapes.  Some are gifts while others, I purchase myself.  With more than twenty wristwatches on hand, only two of them are still working.  No, they are not broken.  Just out of battery.  It is easy to go to the watch shop and have the batteries changed however, the simple process is expensive here in Sweden.  Sometimes, it’s wiser to buy yourself a new timepiece and yes, that’s obviously what I have been doing since 2007.

I have promised myself to get myself an automatic watch before the year ends.  I realize that it is time to put an end to my “sleeping” watch collection.  It is obviously pointless to keep those useless watches coming, right?  One automatic watch plus an automatic watch winder [http://www.ewatchbox.com/watch-winders-automatic.html] are all I need!

On the photo: Akribox XXIV Women’s AKR431RG Rose Gold Skeleton Automatic Watch.  This piece is on super super sale right now.  From $435.00 to a whooping $89.99.  Great deal, isn’t it?  It’s water-resistant [up to 50 meters], rose gold plated stainless stell case, genuine tan snake strap and a rose gold skeleton dial.  I so love everything about this watch.  The color, the design, the price and the fact that it does not need battery.  Only one issue though.  I am not sure if they ship to Sweden.  Will have to e-mail customer service for that later.
Googling for minutes now, it is good to know that I can actually get one of the best watch winders [http://www.ewatchbox.com/diwawi1.html] online or simply stick with a more affordable winder just like this one:
The Economy Black/Silver Double Watch Winder
Regular price is at $69.95.
Now: $59.95.
This watch winder is made of plastic material is battery operated and comes with an AC adapter.  It looks like a cool automatic watch organizer and I sure want one!

How about you?  Do you own battery powered watches or do you prefer automatic ones?  Do you own a watch winder?

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