A Scooter? Maybe.

by - Thursday, September 13, 2012

I know I can ride a bicycle but I have no clue if I can drive a scooter.  I have been thinking back and forth on whether to get myself a 26” ladies bike or aim for something a bit more expensive, a scooter.

I have the rest of 2012 plus January until March of 2013 to think about it.  Getting any of them now seems to be unreasonable as spring’s already just around the corner then soon it’s winter time once more.  There’s no more enough time to enjoy my up and coming new baby!

So, what do I really want?  To be honest, a scooter will make me jump for joy.  I’ll be needing to save a few more $$$ so I can get one in cash [I am not a huge fan of “get now, pay later” plans].  If lucky, I’ll get a free helmet with my purchase.  If not, then I’ll be Googling for hjc helmets sale so I can get one for a good price.
I am a bit uncertain but I think laws in Sweden do not allow individuals to ride their bikes [motorcycles and scooters] without wearing a helmet.  I need to check on that one later.

How about you?  Do you own a bicycle or drive a scooter?

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