Fragrances Are An Instant Formula For Glamour And Allure

by - Monday, September 17, 2012

The power of perfumes relates back to our more primitive origins when the release of pheromones would act as a stimulant for mating. But even in modern and much more sophisticated times, fragrances continue to have a powerful effect.

Fragrances are an instant formula for glamour and allure. A few dabs or sprites of the right perfume can act as the final touches of perfection to your look for the day, or night.

And that’s just as applicable to men as to women. Who wouldn’t want to be the guy who makes even angels fall into sin just because he smells so great?

Calvin Klein perfume [http://www.topperfume.com.au/brands/calvin-klein.html] is among the most sought after in the world. Since the first CK fragrance was launched, the brand has been responsible for creating a major shift in the way perfumes are perceived. CK made perfumes more accessible while yet maintaining an image of glamour and sex appeal.

Of course, there is a whole science behind finding the right fragrance for one, and the right time of wearing it too. The good news is that CK has a whole range of fragrances for men and women of all ages. And even for different moods.

My fair share of Calvin Klein fragrances:
Secret Obsession eau de parfum spray by Calvin Klein
CKin2U eau de parfum spray by Calvin Klein
--- both are gifts!  Yes, I am that lucky!
CK’s image has been predominantly bold, sexy and young, and this is maintained in many of their fragrances such as the Shock series. Shock’s appeal is to a 20s crowd – or younger – and borders on the hedonistic based on an irresistible combination of oriental floral notes, shot through with chocolate and musk.

Bringing a further intense edginess is CK’s famous Obsession for Women. Calvin Klein is said to have asked, “Who hasn’t felt passion beyond reason?” and Obsession captures the essence of that intense feeling through a blend of florals and spices on an earthy base.

Euphoria is a variation on the theme of passion and obsession. Calvin Klein describes it as being “about a journey with no limits… it’s about living one’s dream,” and again, the perfume is built on a combination of fruity and floral notes with a rich cream base.

Contrasting with all of these is the Beauty and Eternity series which is about celebrating the strength and calmness of women. Calvin Klein Beauty is based on the concept of the white lily, which the designer team sees as embodying feminine strength. The perfumers claim that this fragrance is meant for an “authentic woman with a peaceful serenity.”

Calvin Klein Eternity is themed on the idea of lasting love and intimacy. A sweet floral and woody fragrance, it is much calmer is tone and appeal, conceptualized around romance and eternal love.

While the Shock series advertisements have skimpily-clad young men and women performing all types of hedonistic antics, the Eternity series is marked by peaceful family scenes. A marked contrast between the ranges of perfumes, showing the wide range of fragrances the house of CK has to offer.

Dying to get your hands on these gems but can’t find them at your local departmental stores? Or finding the price a bit too steep for your comfort? Try a discount perfume shop online [http://www.topperfume.com.au/brands/calvin-klein.html] instead. There are many reliable options now and many of them even give you good discounts as compared to your regular store. What’s more, with the online option, you can also read about the experience that other users had with a particular fragrance and you can use that information to make a more informed purchase.

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