Gas Cylinders - Making Tasks Lighter

by - Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roughly a couple of months ago, my boss decided to order a whipped cream dispenser.  I couldn’t blame him.  Preparing different desserts while producing whipped cream using an electrical mixer at the same time is a bit messy and time consuming.  With the aid of the dispenser, all we need to do now is fill the can with well-chilled thick cream, screw the top firmly, shake it a few times then press on the lever.  Of course, we need to change the gas cylinder or the whipped cream charger from time to time to ensure that we get the end product that we desire.

Freshly baked brownies [I made ‘em!] and a generous amount of whipped cream.  Yum yum!

Okay.  So for a few minutes, forget about brownies.  *wink*  Gas cylinders are not only a handy piece of gadget used in the kitchen.  They also play important roles in saving lives.   In fact, without them running a hospital is not at all possible.  New medical gas cylinders [http://www.isicomponents.com/product-range/en/] are supplied to most departments of the hospital such as the emergency, operating, delivery rooms, critical care units, the neonatal department and more while old cylinders that are still meeting the standards are being refilled. 

There is a wide range of medical gas cylinder sizes [http://supercylinder.com/] where complete information and conversations can be found on a cylinder data chart.  If you’re curious, you also have the option to just search about it on the internet.

Gas cylinders do not only make tasks lighter.  These vessels, compact or huge, portable or stationary also have very big parts in saving lives.

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