I Am An ebay Newbie!

by - Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just recently, I signed up for an Ebay account.  I had been pondering on doing this for years but did not find a good reason to why I should give it a go.  With a little encouragement from Bebe, I finally decided to become an Ebay newbie.  The e-form wasn’t that difficult to complete and so is the verification process.  Everything went smoothly as expected.

First day as an ebay newbie:

No.  I did not jump into filling my e-shopping cart at once.  I spent a good amount of time learning the ins and outs of ebay.  Because I wanted to find the best deals, I mixed and matched a few buttons and did my first search.

My favorite ebay button:

Buy It Now plus Price + Shipping: Lowest First are my two favorite button combos.  These two work best for me!

My first ebay purchase:

It was on my third day when I placed my first ebay purchase.  Two lovely rings from the same seller!  A good buyer as I always am, I did not waste any minute and paid my items using my PayPal at once.  The rings were then shipped the following day.

Patiently waiting…

for my first purchase to reach my mailbox.  It’s not much but I am so trilled to receive my first ever ebay purchase!  It does feel like an accomplishment and to be honest, I have no idea why I feel that way. *wink*

How about you?  Do you shop on ebay?  If yes, how often?  If not, are you planning on putting and winning your first bid soon?

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