I Can’t Play The Guitar But I Sing Karaoke!

by - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

While I am yet to have that first step on learning how to play the guitar, a friend has already bought his, I don’t know… fifth [or maybe fourth] electric bass guitar to add to his collection.  For all I know, he might also have a Komplete device or something very much alike to make his gig nights even better.  He’s one happy, satisfied guy.
Because I can’t strum the guitar just yet, a few times a week, I unload boredom and homesickness by singing karaoke.  It works for sure.  Singing thrills and add sparks into my life.
A couple of days ago, I had a karaoke blast.  I sang for three hours straight.  It was pure fun as I received good ratings.  How considerate of my machine to give me 90+ scores!
Tomorrow, I am thinking of spending a karaoke hour sometime after lunch.  Care to join?  Come on over!

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