Luxury Living: Enticing Oceanfront Condos in Miami

by - Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Do you ever dream of one day residing somewhere in the enticing City of Miami?  Have you checked photos of those luxury oceanfront condominiums in Fort Lauderdale [http://seasidepropertiesgroup.com/] online lately?  Bebe has been to Florida and loves the place so much.  I have never been there but I know how amazing it is.  All thanks to tv and internet for that!

We always wonder how relaxing life would be waking up every morning to the fresh breeze from the clear blue waters located only a few minutes from home.  It is like summer vacation everyday.  There will be no need to fly to another country just to enjoy the welcoming white sand and the warm beach!  It does sound like a luxurious fairytale come true, doesn’t it?

On the photo below: Hollywood Beach, Florida – a sight for sore eyes.
Of course, never to remove from the equation those luxury oceanfront condos at The Palms where chic and posh living is not only for celebrities and [very] rich businessmen.  According to reports online, there are beautiful homes sold at reasonable prices.  Hmmm… Perhaps it is going to be an interesting pastime for Bebe and I to check out a few units.  Obviously, we can’t afford to buy one for now but who knows, right?  If by chance, we become millionaires, we will definitely hire a reliable luxury oceanfront condominiums in Miami or luxury real estate broker in Miami.  My bestfriend since highschool who now lives in Florida might know someone to help us out.  That’s a plus!
How about you?  Have you ever been to Florida?  If yes, how was your experience?  If not, do you dream to one day experience Florida living?

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