Online Shopping: Name Your Price. Galoo It!

by - Saturday, September 15, 2012

If you’re a wise shop-a-holic then you definitely try to find great deals online and compare prices first before clicking that buy button.  I know.  I am a shop-a-holic myself and just like many of you, I search for items with red sale tags, bid on auctions, and Google for bargains galore.  I even use apps that allow me to study products, services and their prices in a matter of seconds.

Shopping on auctions can be stressful.  The feeling of getting outbid is awful and waiting for the last minute maddening.  Finding the pair of shoes you really want with a 50% to 70% off tag needs a handful of luck.  It’s either they have one pair left or one hundred, unfortunately the size you want is no longer available [sounds familiar, yeah?].  Deals such as buy one, take one at times aren’t that worth it actually.  But… do you know that you can say what you want at the price you want for products and services at Galoo.com [http://www.galoo.com/?]
Galoo.com - interesting, right?  The idea behind Galoo is actually simple yet super brilliant.  All you have to do is:
  • Become a member - register for free!  You can even sign-up by using your Facebook account.
  • Activate/Verify your account.
  • Start Galoo-ing!
To Galoo:
  • Select a product or service category
  • Click the Galoo it button
  • Fill in the Buyer Request Form.  Because you decide on the price you want, you can name your price!
  • Click on the Create Buyer Request tab and you’re done!  All you need to do now is to wait for requests from sellers, negotiate on the price then close the deal.
At Galoo, you find and get the product you want for the price you desire.  Now that’s what I call genius shopping!

How about you?  Have you heard of Galoo?  Have you ever tried it?  If you haven’t yet, are you looking forward to becoming a Galoo-er?

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