That Yellow Polka Dot Dress

by - Monday, September 24, 2012

I rarely wear yellow clothing pieces.  I believe that I look terrible in them or perhaps, I haven’t yet found the right shade of yellow that best complements my skin tone.  Nevertheless, not so long ago, out of nowhere, I somehow had the courage to put this yellow polka dot dress on me.  Since I wasn’t sure what the result was, I took a photo of myself and was quite happy about what I saw.

I purchased the dress at Hollywood [Oh… that’s not a district in LA but the name of my favorite boutique downtown *wink*] more or less two years ago.  It came with a 70% off red tag and just couldn’t say no to it.  It took me more than 24 months to finally wear it!  Glad I did!

The shoes?  I bought it at Freeway [The Block, SM North EDSA, Philippines] in July of 2009.  Did I get it on sale?  You betcha!  Half the price, it was!

Watch by Pilgrim – gift from Bebe
Necklace by Pilgrim – gift from Bebe
Silver ring by Unisilver – purchased for Php285 [+/- $6.50] in March of 2010.

As usual, I still haven’t perfected the art of applying makeup.  I believe I’ll get there someday.

How about you?  Do you own lots of yellow clothing items?  Do you wear yellow more often than I do?

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