The Weekend: Food, Movies, Grooming and Pampering

by - Friday, September 07, 2012

Thank God it’s Friday! 

Bebe and I met downtown after work this afternoon to do a bit of grocery shopping for tonight.  Friday, it is!  Our plan is simple – to have a chillaxing, comfy evening while watching movies and catching up on some of our favorite tv shows.  I bet that it is going to be a loooong night.  It’s a good thing that we have loads of chips, chocolates, candies and bottles of cola on our coffee table to keep us company and help us stay awake even hours after midnight.  This Friday is going to be fun!

Around 7PM – Dinner’s delish!  Kebab, fries plus a great homemade dip and bottomless softdrinks to complete the meal while watching The Amazing Race Season 1 teaser on YouTube.

Around 8PM – We started watching American Reunion while munching on chips and chewing on some good chocolates.  A glass of cola each to make the taste buds happier!

A few minutes before 10PM – Movie ended.  Is now taking a pause from telly.  I am tapping on my keyboard, blogging while Bebe is checking an old WWF clip on telly [from 1992, I guess].

The night is still young and we will definitely go through two or three more movies before it’s finally time to hit the sack.

The weekend --- Football, grooming time and more movies!

Bebe’s scheduled to play football with his mates tomorrow.  I am not sure if I will tag along or not.  Nevertheless, it’s going to be a lovely Saturday as it’s also Bebe’s grooming day!  Just like most men, male grooming [http://www.theartofshaving.com/grooming-and-skincare-grooming-accessories/grooming-and-skincare-grooming-accessories,default,sc.html] is important for my boyfriend.  As a teacher, he makes sure that he presents himself to work with clean style and self confidence.  He is always at his best and that’s one thing I love about him.

Confession: Bebe’s clean shaved face, trimmed nails and soft skin make me fall in love with him over and over again.  *blush*
His grooming regimen is not at all that complicated.  He usually starts with a relaxing bath.  He then shaves his head and trims his beard.  That aftershave cologne he uses --- ohhhh… smells like heaven!  His finger- and toenails?  I cut and file them to perfection.  To end Bebe’s grooming session, I rub milk lotion or body butter onto his skin to keep it soft, smooth and young looking.  He’s pampered, right… and he deserves it!
Movie marathon continues…

On Sunday?  It’s going to be a bit of me time.  Some online shopping; an hour of chatting online with my family and a back, feet and hand massage from Bebe.  I’m too pampered, too!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for The Art of Shaving, however, all the points and views are my own.

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