Wish List: “I Am A Blogger” Tee

by - Saturday, September 29, 2012

I have always wanted to have a set of shirts with customized prints on it.  I mean, isn’t it cool to wear what you want to express?  As a blogger for five years now, I haven’t yet owned my first ever blogger tee.  I know that it’s just around the corner but I really want one now.  Actually, ten pieces if possible!

“Why ten?”, you asked.  Well, I am hoping to start this blog giveaway this December.  It’s my way of thanking my loyal blog visitors for their support over the years.  Since most of them are bloggers like me, I find it great to have blogger shirts as prizes.
Tshirt from topman.com
If you are living in Canada, makers of custom shirts Toronto [http://www.diamondsilkscreen.com/silk-screening/custom-shirts-toronto] isn’t difficult to find.  I so envy you.  Looking for one in Sweden is quite a challenge plus the fact that every order is quite expensive.  So, I need to be really smart about this.  I might order the shirts from somewhere else and have it printed there at the same time.  Thinking about it, I will send an email to my aunt who now resides in Canada.  She probably can find me quality and affordable Toronto tshirts [printing and embroidery companies, I mean].  We’ll see!

How about you?  Do you have many shirts with customized prints on it?  Have you had them printed yourself or have you won them from giveaways?

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