Three Bathroom Maintenance Tips to Start and End Your Day Right

by - Friday, October 19, 2012

Aside from a tall glass of newly brewed caffè latte and a nice plate of breakfast, a long hot shower jump starts my day in the right direction.  These three important parts of my daily routine keep me alert and spirited especially when at work.

At times when the job calls for an overtime, I am always in.  Good thing I work in the kitchen!  When the tummy needs refueling, I simply need to fix myself food, take a 15-minute snack/lunch/dinner break and there I go again!

Overtime days make my body scream for a refreshing bath time so when I arrive home, I fill the tub with hot water plus a generous amount of bubble gel.  When lucky [… who I usually am], Bebe prepares my bath for me!  It is a wonderful feeling to go home from a long tiresome day knowing that a relaxing bath awaits you.

Despite the fact that our showerhead and bathtub are old, we have only encountered tiny plumbing [http://www.rotorooter.com/plumbing-basics/] issues since 2007.  Leaking faucets and clogged drains can easily turn my beautiful day into a nightmare so I am very thankful for our old but still awesome bathroom.
You want to know something that’s a bit interesting?  Well, I am quite a handyman.  Being born to engineer parents [dad- mechanical, mom- civil], I was raised with a pair of nifty hands.  Well, I am not that super skilled but I am okay to get down and dirty!  Fixing things at home is what I love to do!

Anyway, here are a few bathroom tips I practice:
1.] Get your tub and shower room the right strainers.  These strainers will catch hair and other dirt.  Instead of going directly into your pipes and eventually blocking the flow of water, the strainers will stop these unwanted events from happening.  Strainers are cheap so there is no need for you to think twice about getting them.
2.] Repair leaky faucets at once.  Don’t wait for it to get worse so grab a wrench and fix it!  If you have no idea on what to do, ask your husband, call a friend, Google about it or better yet, ring a plumber!
3.] At least once a week, find time to clean your bathroom.  Scrub the walls, remove mineral deposits sitting on your shower head, run hot water down the drain and wash the floor!

For more useful tips, try the internet or better yet, talk to your trusted plumber.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Rotorooter, however, all the points and views are my own.

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