Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

by - Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Are you having a little someone who’s kicking you from the inside?  If you are, then let me say, “Have a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy!”

I am not yet a mom and honestly, I am in no hurry to become one.  But when that time comes, I will definitely tell the whole world about it with a big smile on my face and a heart that’s jumping for joy.  I will even start a blog about my pregnancy and beyond.  That’s how I’ll begin embracing the journey of my mom-hood.  Cool, yeah?

Okay.  Enough about my life’s drama.  Let’s get back to your thrilling chapter!  So when’s the baby shower happening?  Let me guess.  Your best friend’s hosting the event!  Oh my.  Exciting, huh?

Because your best friend for life is making sure that you’ll have an ass-kicking feast, be confident that everything’s going to be perfect starting with the invites.  She will find you Baby Shower Invitations online which will match your personality.  May it be cute, fun, sweet, trendy, vintage or a combination of all these, your best mate will absolutely come up with the design you’ll love.

If it’s a boy:
Light blue, brown and white are adorable color combinations for Baby Boy Shower Invitations.

If it’s a girl:
Pink, it is for baby shower invitations for girls.  You’ll never go wrong with that!  Bring in the famous Hello Kitty, zebra print, ladybug, princess ideas to make the invites more charming or simply create your own!

How about you?  Have you organized a baby shower party for you friend?  How was it?  Where did the baby shower invitation idea come from?

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