Equestrian Fashion On and Off the Stables

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horseback riding fashion is in this season, not just for riders but for people who want to sport the equestrian look outside of the stables too. For true equestrians, nothing beats wearing the right horse riding clothes. There are pieces of clothing as well as accessories that are specially designed to make the rider comfortable, cool, and safe. Some of these are the BJSA clothing from equestrianclearance.com. Aside from riding wear and gear, you can also find clothes for leisure wear in this website. So whether you are preparing for a show jumping competition or heading out to the mall with your friends after your riding training, you can be sure to find clothes that combine both fashion and function from this website’s selection of equestrian wear brands.
Take a look at some of the basic items that make up the equestrian look:


– equestrian tops are made of comfortable and breathable fabric. These are often collared and snugly fitted. It is important to avoid tops with loose fabric since these can distract the horse. A snug fitting top will also make it easier for the rider to layer up with a protector. During cold weather, the rider might have to wear a jacket to keep warm.

Jodhpurs and Breeches

– these are basically riding pants. What makes them different from ordinary pants is that they do not have seams on the seat and on the insides of the legs. This prevents discomfort when the legs constantly rub against the sides of the horse and the saddle. While jodhpurs are full-length pants, breeches have legs that are either knee-length or calf-length. These pants are normally made from stretchable material that is soft yet durable enough to withstand rigorous riding.

Chaps and Boots

– riding boots are also different from your high-fashion boutique boots. These are usually made of real leather and are flat soled. Boots can either have short or long calves. A rider’s choice of boots would depend on whether he is wearing jodhpurs or breeches. Chaps are normally worn on top of the boots as protection for the lower leg and are strapped on to the underside of the boots.

Choosing proper riding clothes is important for the best of equestrians, and even if you are not a horseback rider by hobby, you could always strut your stuff outside the stables too because equestrian fashion has been trending up and down the runway this season, and you can always accessorize to make it more you!

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