Kansas City: That Gorgeous Home and Two Must-See Shopping Malls!

by - Thursday, October 25, 2012

Have you ever thought of one day moving to Kansas City?  To be frank, I am not so sure if my answer to my own question would be a yes or a no but whenever I read articles and blog posts describing how lovely it is to live there, I can’t help but get curious.  Aside from hopping from one list to another of five or more reasons to visit the place and checking out amazing photos online, I also spend a little time to drop by at some websites featuring Kansas City homes for sale [http://www.remax-midstates.com/KS/Kansas_City].  If not, at least compare for rent condo or apartment units if ever Bebe and I will spend one summer vacation there.

Don’t raise your eyebrow at me.  I am aware that I can’t afford to purchase a property at the moment but allow me to show you this gorgeous home.  I bet you want one, too!
Aside from lists of what to do when in Kansas City, I also Googled for well recommended shopping malls and ta-dah --- I found two really tempting places.  First is the Crown Center located in Grand Boulevard and the Legends Outlets which can be found in Village West Parkway.  Now, I have no clue whatsoever where Grand Boulevard and Village West Parkway are in Kansas City but I do want to find a place to rent near these awesome malls [if that’s even possible].  Note to self: Please check Google maps!

The Crown Center:

It might not be a house to the most number of shops and restaurants [has more than 60 boutiques and restaurants] but here’s the thing --- it has this burger place where orders are being delivered by miniature trains.  How cool is that… plus well, I love burgers!  Theater fanatics can also catch Broadway-style plays and and other luring shows.  For attractions and weekly activities, visit their page.  You’ll be surprised!

The Legends Outlets:

It was my boyfriend who introduced me to outlet stores.  At first, I did not believe his fascinating finds in such shops until I had my first outlet experience in London in 2011.  Since then, I have my eye on outlet shops and this Legends Outlets in Kansas City is now included in my travel [shopping] wish list.  With a long directory of retail trends plus hot deals, shopaholics will surely call this haven.

How about you?  Do you live or have been to Kansas City?  If so, did you buy a lovely home or are you presently renting a flat or an apartment?  If you’ve been there for a holiday, how was the whole experience?  What are your top ten tips for first time tourists?

This is a sponsored post for Remax Mid-states, however, all the points and views are my own.

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