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by - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am not a real estate agent myself [obviously] and although I have just recently thought about trying it out, I realize that it’s not the right career path for me to take.  Thinking deeply, I do not possess the necessary dominant characteristics of real estate agents, the very reason why I am the buyer instead of the seller.

I personally know two people who rent out and sell houses, apartments and condominium units.  Whenever I am in doubt regarding my future investment on such properties, I throw all the questions I have in mind to these enthusiastic and knowledgeable friends of mine.  Buying a home is going to be my biggest financial venture so I want to make sure that I am in the correct track.

Real estate transactions are complicated especially to ordinary buyers like me.  The first thing I’ve learned is that one has to make sure that the real estate broker is a registered member of a trustworthy title company to ensure a careful, smooth and precise property transaction.

If you have no idea what title companies are about, try Googling for Mandrien.  Its detailed licensing FAQ e-sheet explains clearly the topic.  The Mandrien Consulting Group is an acknowledged firm when it comes to superb technical knowledge in starting and expanding a title company.  If you have doubts, queries or issues that you need clarification, the Mandrien Consulting Process Improvement Experts [http://mandrienconsultinggroup.corporatedataengine.com/] will assist you to start or expand your business intelligently.  With an exceptional customer service, you can even call them for a free consultation.

If you have been following my little real estate property dilemma, I still haven’t decided on whether to purchase a condo unit in the metro or buy a house and lot package in the countryside.

How about you?  Have you recently purchased a property?  How was the process?  If you haven’t yet, are you planning on investing?  Will it be a house or a condominium unit or perhaps a farm lot?

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