On Getting Fit: Body Cleansing and Weight Loss

by - Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As a chef, I have access to a massive selection of food when at work.  At home, the kitchen is my wonderland where I am free to cook during my free time and experiment on a few handpicked recipes.  Obviously, I love the company of good food and eating them is the best part of the whole process.

Fortunately, gaining weight is not that easy for me.  A skinny chef, I am!  That being said, I am perfectly aware that every human being, thin or not, benefits from what experts refer to as detoxification.  I haven’t applied this approach on me but I am so looking forward to trying it for the first time.  Body cleansing – just the sound of it tells me how important it is to add in my health and fit habit list.

Detoxification has been around for ages but it was only in 2008 when it made a really loud bang.  Since then, many include it to their monthly routine.

Detox, as most fondly call it, plays a big role in dieting.  Although it is not fully backed up by science, common sense tells us that getting rid of those ugly unwanted toxins accumulated by our body will help us feel better, fitter, healthier and eventually lighter.

If you haven’t noticed, the internet provides a lot of diet programs to help you shed off some pounds the best and safe way possible.  You receive online data, facts, product reviews and even online coaches to guide you through your journey.

Take for example the Xango Favao weight loss plans [http://www.favao.com/] which do not only allow you to keep track of your progress when seated in front of your desktop or lappy.  You can even follow your diet course wherever you are!  Download your personal trainer on your iPhone or Android mobile device in a matter of seconds!  Check training videos, find healthy meal plans, join challenges and find out how you’re doing even when you’re on-the-go and as busy as the buzzing bee!

“Tomorrow has come and gone.
Today your change begins.”
~~~ Xango Favao

Despite the fact that it’s quite a long way to go before the new year comes, detoxification is now added to my resolution.  I will  be making a thorough research on the matter to make sure that I am doing everything the right way.  Getting fit and strong is going to be my primary goal in 2013.  With a generous bundle of luck, confidence and self-trust, I can do it!

How about you?  What is your regular detox routine?  Do you have a specific weight loss plan designed for you by your trainer?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Xango, however, all the points and views are my own.

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