One Classic Hair Braid Style to Try

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I was at Pinterest today and took a quick glance at a Do-It-Yourself hair braid style.  That short glance was enough to turn my interest into blogging about it.

Wanting to learn more about the owner of the photo, I clicked the pic on Pinterest and was redirected to this JoyBx blog [or is it a website like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest?].  But because the blog post is a wordless one and it seems like the author’s corner is nowhere to be found, I can’t guarantee if the photo belongs to JoyBx or is copyrighted by someone else.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, here’s the step by step tutorial of this hair braid style:

Photo credit: JoyBx
I haven’t had the time to try this style on my hair yet but I will surely give it a go one day soon.  I am not that talented when it comes to fixing my hair and for sure, this braid is something I find complicated!  Ahhh!!!  Wish me luck!

How about you?  What hairstyle can you fix on your own?  Have you tried doing this braid on you?  What hair braid styles do you like a lot?  Do you usually ask your friends to help you come up with the hairstyle you want or are you the independent kind?

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