One Rock Band Night

by - Saturday, October 13, 2012

My sister- and brother-in-laws one day gave us a surprise visit.  Surprised were Bebe and I to the maximum level as we were too lazy that day.  The apartment was a mess!

Nevertheless, the topsy turvy flat did not stop all of us from having fun.  We turned on the PlayStation 3 and Rock Banded the night away with bags of chips and bottled sodas to complete the fun.

My sister-in-law did not leave the drum set as she loved it to bits while my brother-law-law and I took turns in playing the guitar [he’s so much better than I am!].  If only we could play real instruments, it could have been a louder but better music filled evening.

A new phrase sampler, a new [or second-hand] electric guitar, a cool drum set and an uncanny vocal mic will make us feel like professional performers.  Of course, a big group of fans, please!

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