Payments Made Easy With E-Billing Software

by - Friday, October 12, 2012

With so little time and so much things to do, I try to squeeze every task there is to make each day as productive as it can get.  It’s such a challenge to complete a long checklist within the 24 hour time frame.  I’m guessing… you do feel the same way too sometimes, don’t you?  No matter how good you are at managing your daily schedule, at the end of the day, you still find yourself wishing that you could have had an extra hour or two.

With a busy lifestyle, I am so thankful for this thing they call recurring billing software.  Because of this brilliant system, payments are made a whole lot easier!  My monthly invoices and statements go directly to my internet bank.  All I need to do is to log in to my account, choose which bills I want to pay first or better yet… pay everything in just one tick of the mouse and done.  Awesome, it is!
Oh.  And do you know that e-billing is environmentally friendly, too?  Companies no longer need to send bills through regular post.  Less paper, less scrap, more trees!  Plus, less headache for you.  No more putting together all those bills and entering each receipt number manually to your bank payment schedule.  No fuss. No muss.

Speaking about e-billing systems, I have to renew my Cosmopolitan magazine subscription really soon.  I wonder what freebie is in-store for me by the time I sign up for another quarter.  That’s another advantage with recurring billing systems.  You see, you don’t only get reminded when a subscription’s about to go out, you also receive a list of the best deals at the moment, freebies and upcoming events to stay tuned for.

If only every country has this well planned online payment structure, life can be at least a bit simpler.  I have heard that a number of companies in the Philippines are in the process of implementing e-payment processing methods.  When that time finally comes, my mom is going to be jumping for joy.  She no longer needs to go to each company or a specific bill center [usually located inside huge malls] to pay each monthly statements in person.  Yes, paying bills in the Philippines is such a pain in the neck while the e-payment method here in Sweden is done in an instant without the need to leave home.  Two very different worlds apart, for sure!

How about you?  How do you pay you bills?  Do companies in your country make use of this magnificent recurring billing software?

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