That Heineken Advert Makes Me Wish for a Walk-in Closet

by - Monday, October 22, 2012

Three years have passed and still, that Heineken beer closet advert does its magic on me whenever I see it.  I don’t laugh that much anymore but the grin on my face and the giggle my shoulders do visit me whenever I get the glimpse of it.  Come on!  You’re feeling the same way too, right?  It’s hilarious how the commercial clearly points out how different men and women are.

Like most women, getting a room for my clothes, shoes, bags and accessories is a dream come true.  It does not need to be so spacious.  A simple yet very organized one will make me scream louder than the besties in the commercial did!  That’s for sure!
I do not mind getting all hands on in fixing my walk-in closet.  Bebe tells me time and again that I should have one.  He thinks that my things are all over the place and I second the motion!  In a year or two, we are planning on getting a bigger flat where a wardrobe room is  possible.  You can simply imagine how excited I am for that day to come!

Anyway, some months ago, Bebe brought me to IKEA where I had loads of hours roaming around the store checking for cabinets, shelves, drawers and organizers.  I started creating a draft of my walk-in closet inside my  head making me feel excited all the more.  Because items will come from IKEA, I will be putting things together myself which is something I enjoy doing.  I will have to add an electric screwdriver to my wish list to help me save time and energy when assembling the project together and fastening each piece with torx security screws [http://www.tannerbolt.com/products/SECURITY%20PRODUCTS.aspx] on the wall.  Google tells me that electric screwdrivers don’t cost that much.  That’s good news!

Is Bebe getting a beer closet?  Although he thinks that it’s a fun and a genius idea, he’s not looking forward to getting one.  He doesn’t drink that much so the fridge is more than enough for him.  Instead, he’s talking about having an audio visual room.  A tiny cinema inside a flat?  That sounds awesome!  For this project, he might also have to check United Abrasives grinding wheels [http://www.tannerbolt.com/content.aspx?file=customerpages/grinding-wheels.htm] or well, I may be wrong.

Do you find the Heineken beer closet commercial fun to watch?  If given the chance, would you get yourself a beer or a walk-in closet?

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