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by - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about my wish of having my own walk-in closet.  With the one-bedroom flat we are renting at the moment, it is hardly possible to have one.  Am I disheartened?  Of course not.

My boyfriend and I are planning on moving to a larger apartment in the near future.  We are actually hoping to purchase a house and lot within the downtown area however, since the budget is really tight, we can’t yet.  I Google every now and then for beautiful houses around the world, dreaming that if we ever one day hit the lottery jackpot, we will at once look for luxury houses.  One in Sweden, one in Los Angeles [if not, somewhere within the sunshine state, Florida] and another one in the Philippines.  If ever your curious, we’ll start in Sweden, obviously.

With the help of dedicated and expert real estate brokers, The Partners Trust Real Estate [http://www.thepartnerstrust.com/pasadena-homes-for-sale] for example, the search would be a lot easier.  They will find us a lovely house with a spacious porch, a wide garden, a nice swimming pool, well designed bedrooms, a big kitchen, trendy tiled bathrooms, a beautifully painted living room, a techy audio/video room and my oh my… my walk-in closet.

Okay.  Since it seems like I am already dreaming while still widely awake, let me show you this lavish home with magnificent features:
This multi-million dollar piece of beauty is located in the sophisticated area called the Hollywood Hills.  With three large bedrooms, three gorgeous bathrooms, a designer kitchen, fireplaces, a home theater, patio and pool --- all within the 4,100 ft2 area.

I know.  This property is way too much for my dream to handle.  Sigh.  Sometimes, I just can’t stop myself from going overboard.

Moving on… in the meantime, we’ll keep ourselves busy working hard so we can save more for our future dream home.  It does not need to be a luxury property.  A spacious, well designed one with full of love is enough.  Oh of course… it must have my walk-in closet and Bebe’s home theater.

How about you?  Do you ever dream of purchasing a luxury home?  If so, what features and amenities are you looking for and where will it be?

This is a sponsored post for the Partners Trust [http://www.thepartnerstrust.com/]
, however, all the points and views are my own.

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