On to the Next Level: Airbrushing Cakes

by - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I started baking and decorating cakes for fun after watching one episode of Cake Boss.  I can’t remember which episode it was but it inspired me to bring out that little baker in me.

The first try was simple but I did not a lot of fun doing it.  If I remember it right, it was a three-layer moist chocolate cake filled and coated with dark chocolate ganache and then covered with a thin layer of homemade fondant [Yup!  I make my own fondant at home.]  I colored a little piece from the leftover fondant pink and turned it into three simple flowers.  I think I still have the photo of it saved somewhere in this laptop.  Oh wait!  Here it is:
According to the details of the photo, it was taken on the 3rd of July in 2010.  A couple of years have passed and my… I lost count on how many cakes I have already baked and decorated myself.  I sometimes upload photos of my final products on one of my Facebook albums which obviously needs updating.  That, I’ll definitely do soon!

Anyway, this cake making hobby eventually has turned into a small business.  Another blessing if I may add.  I’ve created a lot of designs from mushing and coloring fondants.  One of the most popular and mostly requested design is the shoe cake.  Fashionistas love it!
Now, I am so eager to try airbrushing techniques on cakes.  I still haven’t personally seen an airbrush machine for cakes so I am so looking forward to it.  I have no idea yet if I can get one here in Sweden or if I have to order it from somewhere else along with a set of air filters for compressors [http://www.edmac.com/products/COMPRESSED-AIR-FILTER-ELEMENTS.aspx] which will come in handy when its cleaning time.  I am unsure if I also need to look for a spare for the machine’s IR centrifugal part [http://www.edmac.com/products/AIR-COMPRESSOR-PARTS/CENTAC-PARTS.aspx] but I will definitely ask the experts about it.

I have watched a number of YouTube clips about basic airbrushing techniques on cakes.  With loads of different strokes to remember, I am thinking that this next step of my cake making journey is going to be the hardest yet so wish me luck!

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