Two TRESemmé Collections to Try

by - Monday, October 15, 2012

I used to jump from one shampoo and conditioner brand to another.  More than a year ago, that habit of mine changed after I had my first bottles of TRESemmé, one shampoo and one conditioner.  The dramatic result I got after that first wash made me stick to it since then.

I do not have a specific TRESemmé collection that I am strongly hooked on but the moisture rich and smooth series are the two I often use.

I am so close to trying every TRESemmé line.  However, I haven’t had the chance to grab a bottle each of their Split Remedy and Anti-Breakage collections and I am so looking forward to testing them.  Whenever I visit the grocery store and beauty shops downtown, I search and inquire about them.  Unfortunately, these two haven’t reached my town yet.  Gotta wait a bit longer!


TRESemmé Split Remedy

The moment I saw the ad on telly, I was so excited to hit the store, purchase a bottle, go home, hit the shower and try it.  Oh please TRESemmé, bring this product to my town ASAP!



 TRESemmé Anti-Breakage

The cold weather turns my hair into a brittle monster giving me so many bad hair days.  This Anti-Breakage collection by TRESemmé might be the answer to my prayers!  Hopefully, luck will bring it near to me before winter comes. 


My TRESemmé hair…  and nope.  I do NOT iron my hair.  TRESemmé does a fantastic job!

How about you?  Do you have a favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner that you often use or do you jump from one brand to another?  Have you tried any TRESemmé product?  If yes, do you love it or hate it?

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