A Quick Note on Vitamins: What to Take, Why and How Much?

by - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I was at the pharmacy last week doing some window shopping.  I couldn’t figure out which night cream to purchase.  I was standing in front of these massive shelves filled with different skin care brands offering consumers numerous promises.  I tried going through most of them – reading product descriptions, contents, recommendations as well as comparing prices and man… how confusing!  I ended up picking a few brochures to take home.  Standing there a bit longer was no longer an option.  Deciding on which to grab and pay for seemed mind-boggling at that time.  Studying the pamphlets plus Googling about the products at home turned the hunt into an easier task!

Anyway, as I was leaving, I passed by the supplements section which reminded me to check out a few womens vitamins [http://www.invitehealth.com/womens-vitamins/].  Since the brand that I am using at the moment makes me a bit drowsy, it is but right to toss it out the window and try a new one.

You’re right!  The hubbub of which brand to buy was again back at me.  I could not make up my mind so, I did the same thing and skipped the entire baffling moment in the pharmacy.
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I have been doing a bit of research here and there regarding which supplement I am supposed to be looking for.  Since I worked as a pharmacist for several years back home, refreshing my brain was quite a walk in the park.

To start with, there are 13 essential vitamins that help our bodies sustain its normal function.  The list includes vitamins A, C, D, E, K and the eight B complex vitamins.

You see, it is important to first know which vitamins, minerals and nutrients are missing in your diet before finally jumping into conclusion regarding whether or not you need a supplement, which ones and how much you should take.  Remember to avoid mega doses of vitamins as this will eventually result to developing toxicity symptoms.  Always refer to the RDA [Recommended Daily Allowance] table which you can easily find on the labels or inserts.

Although the ads on tv, magazines and posters are too enticing, sometimes, you have to bear in mind that not all products are meant for you.  If you are not sure about which to take and what your body needs, it is always recommended to consult your doctor or talk to your pharmacist about it.  This way, you’re sure that you are taking the right supplement products instead of investing money on the wrong ones.

So, have I chosen which brand to purchase the next time I visit the local pharmacy?  After hours of comparing notes… oh yes!

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