All Spiked Up Shoes. Fearless and Wicked-Cool.

by - Monday, November 19, 2012

With minds overflowing with ideas, fashion designers never run out of new trends to feed fashionistas all over the world.  Spiky studded shoes have been around for years and obviously the number of this shoe trend’s followers keeps rising.

Some love ‘em.  Some don’t.  Although I do not fancy wearing spiky footwear at all, I have to say that these shoes look fearless and wicked-cool!  Imagine wrapping your feet with colorful and dazzling spines while enjoying a girls’ night out or when showing your groove on the dance floor.  Wherever go and whatever you do, you’ll surely make heads turn!

Christian Louboutin high heel shoes
Price: about $1,900.00
Get this at: net-a-porter.com [currently out of stock]

Jeffrey Campbell black heels
Price: £150
Get this at: office.co.uk

Maryjane shoes
Price: from $66.00 not at $52.00
Get this at: makemechic.com

Bettie Page spike heel
Price: $70
Get this at: toofastonline.comk 

High heel shoes
Price: $50.99
Get this at: amiclubwear.com [currently out of stock]

All spiked up shoes --- designed for those who have the attitude to carry them well.

How about you?  Can you dig all spiked up shoes?  Do you have spiky footwear in your shoe cupboard?  If so, how many pairs?  If not, are you thinking of giving it a try?

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