Cheap Christmas Decorations

by - Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halloween is not the only holiday that people decorate for. Even though a lot of times, the season for holiday decorating begins in October many people. And nowadays, indoor Halloween decorations are as important as those for the outside. Halloween kicks off the holiday decorating season and it is closely followed by Thanksgiving, next is Christmas, and then New Year’s, and so on. But Christmastime is when the decorations really go off.

With so many holidays and other reasons to decorate your home throughout the year, the cost of holiday decorations can be a problem. That is, unless you take advantage of ways to save. Let’s talk about inexpensive ways to decorate for the Christmas holiday. 

One of the best ways to save money on Christmas decorations is to reuse some of your older Thanksgiving decorations. This is not difficult to do, because after all, both holidays have similar color schemes. Black and orange are basic Thanksgiving colors, and all shades of orange, gold, red, and white are popular choices for Christmas.

Halloween Leftovers

Thanksgiving and Christmas are very different types of holidays, but they do have some things in common. For instance, the color brown is used extensively in both holiday’s decorations, for the traditional golden-roasted turkey and the white-tipped winter trees. With that in mind, brown and orange Thanksgiving decorations can creatively be used for Christmas. You can use brown tissue paper, streamers, garlands and crepe paper to add a festive look for your Christmas festivities.

Combing the brown and gold decorations with shades of white and green will tend to ‘tone them down’ and result in a gorgeous winter-like décor. Whites, browns, golds, silvers, and even blacks can all be integrated into Christmas decorations. You can even incorporate some old Halloween decorations (like some thrifty scarves found here) to finish the color pieces. 

Speaking of scarves, try and use one as a place to set up a cute Christmas scene. Add some gorgeous fall leaves to create an outdoorsy effect and then arrange pine tree branches, faux snow, and other Christmas embellishments. The scarf will give the effect of wet ground under the leaves. The fall colors will pop against the dark backdrop.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

One of the great things about Christmas décor is that it is focused on natural elements. This makes it easy to create your own Christmas decorations. A graceful centerpiece can be created with a gorgeous vase filled with twigs that have beautiful fall leaves attached. You can also use simple metal buckets or ceramic bowls to hold brightly colored fruits and vegetables. The idea is, these items conjure up thoughts about the origins of Christmastime in the winter, and the colors are spectacular.
Whether you choose to create a whimsical Christmas theme or you want a look that is chic and unique, the colors of fall and winter should be included. Don’t overlook the impact a few simple touches can make. A good rule of thumb is, ‘Simple works’.

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