Cigar Shopping for the Holidays

by - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The last time I went cigar shopping was in March of 2010.  I was in the Philippines then for a four-week vacation with my sissy-in-law and her friend.  Since it was my first time to shop for cigars, I spent nearly an entire hour before I finally decided which flavors to pick.  Four packs of cigars [vanilla, rum, honey and chocolate flavors containing five sticks each] were all I paid for.
I should have purchased more but I wasn’t too sure about the customs limits here in Sweden.  The cigars were presents for my boyfriend and his friends which took them like 10 months to consume as they only lit their cigars on special occasions.  Cool!
Since December is fast approaching, I am thinking of getting my boyfriend a box or two of cigars for the holidays.  This time, I’ll be ordering them online.  Arturo Fuente Cigar collection [] looks promising.  That Cubanitos tin of 10 for only $18 – me want!

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